#Business: 10 Tips For A Productive Day

November 03, 2017

This year, I’ve focused on being more productive and effectively getting the job done in both my career and entrepreneurship businesses. Being productive is essential to being successful. Many CEOs are interviewed and asked how are they are able to manage their stressful workload and maintain a perfect work-life balance. Many of their responses are similar. They understand what is important and take action on that. They take time to think through their goals and highest priorities and they also reflect on what they have been able to accomplish in the past. This helps to motivate them to continue moving forward.  For the average person, this may seem very mundane and may not fit into your daily schedule; But it is important to focus on things that keep us purposely and intently moving forward. Exhaustion and lack of motivation plague each of us at some point. You have to focus on doing things that will get you out of a rut or that keeps you from falling into one!

Studies show that having specific goals is associated with success and higher confidences levels. Narrow your goals down to a few achievable ones that can easily be broken down into steps. Vague goals such as “I want to finish my project” are counter-productive because they don’t outline “how” you will finish the project. Take time to think about each action you need to complete to finish the project. Then set deadlines to finish each task. The same goal re-phrased in a more functional way would read something like this: “I am going to finish my project by creating a Visio diagram, document the project’s metrics, creating a journey map, documenting the business goals and member experience in a PowerPoint, and spending no more than an hour on each section.” Now, you have more than simply something you want to achieve—you have a way to achieve it.

Getting your morning started off right is important, but it’s only half the battle. You must be able to maintain your momentum when unexpected things began to happen.  So how do you move past this to become reenergized and effective?  Here are a few quick tips to try!

1)     Start each day with reflection and meditation
·        Before you get overwhelmed, it is a good practice to start each day with a moment of gratitude. This often brings clarity to things that are important to you and it also gives you a moment to think about where you want to go in life. Wherever you see yourself in the future should drive your actions for today!
2)     Create a list of goals for the day
·        There are many things that you could do but there are always things that you need to do. Make sure you create a list of tasks that need your attention during that day. Getting the right things done will reduce your stress levels!
3)     Be proactive & not reactive
·        You don’t have to wait for someone to tell you what is needed. Think outside of the box and complete tasks before they are requested. It shows that you are self-motivated!
4)     Organize your ideas into actionable tasks
·        What does it take to bring your idea to life? Brainstorm this and then create actionable items that you work on each day.
5)     Prioritize your tasks based on deadlines
·        Sure you want to do it all but often times you can’t. Work on things that require your attention first.
6)     Stay passionate
·        What drives you? Is it a song, a picture, or a quote? Keep these items in your workspace so that you are able to reflect on them when your momentum starts to drop during the day. It happens but you MUST regroup and refocus!
7)     Set time limits for tasks & breaks
·        Are you missing something in your tasks? Sometimes taking a break from working will help you to see things with a different perspective. Set time limits to work on your tasks and then step away to see if you are still working with the right mindset. This helps me when I am writing documents or creating presentations. I am typo-prone and will not see the typo if I don’t step away from the document.
8)     Say “yes” and “no” based on what is important
·        How do you handle receiving a new task that wasn’t a part of your to-do list for the day? You must understand how it impacts the business’ need and how it ranks among the list of actions you are already working on. It is okay to say “no” to tasks if you are able to justify not doing the work.
9)     Remain consistent with the things that are important
  • ·        Hold yourself accountable to commitments by setting deadlines and sticking to them. Don’t cheat yourself but not working on something because you think you have time. Each second counts. Remove things from your surrounding that limit your ability to remain focused. Is it your cell phone, television, or a magazine? If it isn’t helping to drive your productivity and creativity, it is damaging to your success and goals!

10)  Document your accomplishments at the end of each day
·        When you get to the end of your day, pat yourself on the back! Being able to use your day to be productive really adds

If you try these tips, please let me know how they work for you!

Please forward and share!

Cheers to a successful day!

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