#Design Approach: Creating Human-Centric Designs

July 13, 2017

Consumers look for items that are easy to use, adaptable, and meets the needs. 

While researching the concept of innovation and design, I came across this "Aha Moment" image that I found to be interesting. Each of these creators derived an innovative solution at different points of their life and it was driven by different needs. The creators are diverse but share once similar trait. The ability to recognize a need.  Design is driven by a having a consumer need and interest AND the ability to recognize the two which is depicted in this picture. It seems like the best human-centered designs are the ones that are designed when the designer personalizes the experience to themselves. How would I use this? How does it benefit my family and friends? 

While creating corporate strategies, I aim to personalize how I would use technology and business processes to improve and personalize my healthcare experience.  I use my life experiences as the prototype for the basis of my designs. This, along with insights and analytics, helps me to put on my thinking cap and evaluate the needs of the average consumer.  This allows me to develop concepts that are not only innovative but also beneficial to our consumers and customers.

What is your best process design tip?

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