Business: 20 Savvy Email Responses to Awards

October 22, 2015

Sincere thanks never grow old. There are many ways to say "thank you" for awards. It is vital to show appreciate to anyone who takes the time to recognize your work. Here are few ideas on how to start an email to thank the person that gives you an award.

Express your gratitude for the award, raise, bonus, or benefit.

  1. I appreciate your honoring me with this award.
  2. What a way to recognize a hard year’s work! I’m thrilled.
  3. Thank you so much for recognizing my contributions this year with the XYZ Award.
  4. I’m so pleased you’ve selected me as a recipient of this year’s XYZ Award.
  5. This award makes my work ever so much more enjoyable and challenging.
  6. I appreciate so much your thoughtfulness in designating me for this award.
  7. This award is certainly an honor. I do appreciate the recognition.
  8. What a surprise! I am so appreciative of…
  9. I want to thank you sincerely for your recognition of my work.
  10. Thank you so much for the recognition you have offered in this way.
  11. I was so pleased to learn of the…award.
  12. Your selection of me for the…award is such a great and unexpected honor.

Compliment the organization for providing such recognition and opportunities to excel.

  1. Our organization provides so many opportunities for growth and service that it’s difficult not to excel in something. 
  2. Your organization is one I’ve come to depend on for leadership and up-to-the-minute information about our industry. 
  3. Our company, I think, once again proves itself mindful of the need to compete for excellence. This award is just one way they let us as employees share in their success. 
  4. I appreciate the farsightedness of our organization’s leadership in establishing such awards to encourage excellence. 
  5. The award distinguishes our company as one with a real commitment to helping its employees reach their highest potential. 
  6. I appreciate the opportunity to work in a setting where people care about quality and commitment. 
  7. The organization has provided the freedom, time, and financial support to complete this work. 
  8. Our leadership is to be commended for encouraging employees to give their best by making such opportunities and recognition available. 
  9. You are so gracious to recognize my work in this way.
  10.  So many of you have contributed to my personal and professional growth I feel as though I should accept the award on behalf of all of us. 
  11. Thank you so much; I’ll do my best to represent our organization according to the standards this award represents. 
  12. Though I feel quite undeserving of this award, I certainly appreciate your thoughtfulness in presenting it to me.

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